Temperatures Dropping, Snow Falling, Almost Like It's Winter —

Temperatures Dropping, Snow Falling, Almost Like It’s Winter

Published December 5, 2019

Sam O'Donnell

Experts at the Icelandic Met Office are predicting that temperatures will continue to drop over the coming days, after some parts of the country saw the mercury climb to 20° C at the start of the week.

A strong northerly wind will sweep across North Iceland today, reaching speeds of up to 15 metres per second. Expect hail and cold temperatures dropping to -12° C in that part of the country.

We can expect much of the same in West Iceland, but with slightly stronger winds of up to 20 metres per second.This is especially jarring after the warm front we have been experiencing.

In the East, westerly winds will reach up to 20 metres per second along the mountains and maintain their speed until midday. That part of the country can expect light snowfall and colder temperatures.

Heading into the weekend, Reykjavík can expect clouds in the skies and frost everywhere else, accompanied by some light snowfall. Wind, cloudy skies, snow and hail will continue before the temperature is expected to go back up to 6° C on Monday.

Before you say something silly like, “thanks, Global Warming,” keep in mind that climate change affects the weather in many unusual ways. In this case, the warming of the polar region can cause the polar vortex to destabilise. This causes the freezing temperatures that are normally locked in the polar region to branch out to the south and affect places like Iceland that aren’t quite in the polar region.

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