From Iceland — Airwaves Debutantes: What’s New And Who’s Who At Airwaves 2019 #3

Airwaves Debutantes: What’s New And Who’s Who At Airwaves 2019 #3

Published October 16, 2019

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Vigdís Erla Guttormsdóttir

Airwaves is coming! As per tradition, the Grapevine is here to show you the freshest faces at this year’s iteration. From folk to heavy metal to lo-fi indie pop, here’s part two of our Airwaves debutantes extravaganza. Check out part one here and part two here.

Hipsumhaps—the duo of Jökull Breki Arnarson and Fannar Ingi Friðþjófsson—burst onto the scene only months ago with a slew of popular singles, including “Lífið sem mig langar í” and “Honný,” which preceded the release of their first album, ‘Best Gleymdu Leyndarmálin’ (‘Best Forgotten Secrets’) on September 22nd. Their mix of dreamy, lo-fi indie laced guitar-driven pop is irresistibly catchy. ‘Best Gleymdu Leyndarmálin’ is the perfect album to play whether you’re at a chill party or driving down Sæbraut at 21:00 in the evening in an intense downpour. SR

ROKKY is a multicultural house-monster with roots in Iceland. Like all creatures of the night, she is Icelandic, was raised in England, and is also a resident of France and Germany—everyone knows real vampires live in Berlin. It’s not hard to find the European house influences in her music: it’s a playful combination of electronic, pop and those rough Berlin club techno vibes. All of this, combined with a golden glittery dress, and you’ve got a delicious cold climate sound with a hot beat. The songstress has also been making an international splash—Espirit used one of her songs in their autumn line advertisement last year. So dress nicely, but accordingly to the weather. VG

Icelandic-born SIGGY relocated to L.A. and is definitely on her way up there. She is already collaborating with the likes of Printz Board, who formerly worked with The Black Eyed Peas. In her debut single “Never Did I,” the singer and songwriter brings back the long-lost quality R&B vibe you thought had died. Trust us, see her now. You might have to pay a lot of money if you wait too long. LM

Sunna Friðjóns
If you’re fantasizing about living in a Lord-of-the-Ring-like world full of elves, trolls and other magical creatures, Sunna Friðjóns has got you covered. The songs on her new album ‘Enclose’ are beautifully otherworldly and almost a little spine-chilling. It’s hard to put her music in a genre, but we’d perhaps best describe it as experimental classic. LM

Tómas Welding
Are you optimistic by nature? In love? Do you believe in unicorns? Boy, do we have the pop act for you. Tómas Welding is like if chocolate cake had offspring with a lollipop: sugary, sweet and slick as hell. But be assured, he has a great voice and solid EDM composition. His upcoming album is a collaboration between Tómas and his producer, Pálmi from Rok Records—the one that brought you brilliant pop acts like Glowie and Bríet. So don’t despair, just saddle up that unicorn and ride into the sugary sunset with your anime sparkling eyes. Doesn’t that feel good? VG

una schram
In the sea of Reykjavík rap and indie, una schram has brought something new to the table: pop R&B. Her works pin powerful, rife-with-riffs vocals in the vein of Ariana Grande over lush, smooth, contemporary beats, ultimately creating a delicious melange of old and new. Her tunes are the type of tracks it’s almost impossible not to sway to. Don’t believe us? Check out her debut EP ‘energy’—the five songs will get you higher than Nocco, we promise. HJC

Valborg Ólafs
After her breakthrough with the band My Lovely Lion in 2012, Valborg Ólafs is now back with her solo debut. Her songs are strongly inspired by the south coast of Iceland and the forces of nature surrounding her home there. Her voice is mature and very comforting, so if you’re feeling a sort of homesickness and seeking comfort, this is the artist to see. LM

Iceland Airwaves will take place from November 6th to November 9th in Reykjavík. Tickets are 19,900 ISK and can be bought here.

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