From Iceland — Vigorous Music-Duo: We Are Not Romantic Are Their Own Biggest Fans

Vigorous Music-Duo: We Are Not Romantic Are Their Own Biggest Fans

Published October 2, 2019

Prolific grassroots-collective and music label Post-dreifing released collaborative music duo We Are Not Romantic’s debut album ‘Who’s In Control?’ just two months ago, but the project, created by Andrés Þór Þorvarðarson and Rakel Andrésdóttir, instantly found success on the local music scene. In just a few days, they had amassed a decent following.

I found them through their song ‘Nokia Calling.’ It was all over my Instagram feed and I’m happy to say I gave into the hype. The track’s repetitiveness and comically aggressive tone emanates a post-ironic energy that grabbed me—an appropriate fit for Reykjavík right now.

Free and vague

What makes We Are Not Romantic so appealing is their unapologetic energy, good vibes and the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously. “We like to dress up before shows and generally want for us and the audience to have a good time,” Andrés explains. “We like to keep things free and vague. We don’t really rehearse or decide beforehand what we are going to do on-stage,” Rakel adds.

Andrés and Rakel like to go with the flow when it comes to writing and performing. “This summer we ended up playing almost every weekend except one since we released the album,” Rakel says. “We had no control.” Andrés adds. Rakel continues: “I love making beats and electronic music is fun—it’s a party! Sometimes I get really tired after our high-energy parties, but then I just take naps.“

A man’s best friend

As I spoke with We Are Not Romantic, Andrés is about to go on an internship abroad and Rakel has started her last year studying fine-arts at Iceland University of the Arts. “We are working on a new album that will hopefully be released before October,” Andrés says. “We made new songs over a period of two days,” Rakel adds. “And we are making three music-videos with some talented friends,” Andrés concludes. “A man’s best friend is music.”

Info: We Are Not Romantic’s debut album ‘Who’s In Control’ can be streamed on Spotify or downloaded from Bandcamp

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