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Electric Dreams: Genre-Free Living & DJ/VJ Katerina’s Search For The New & Weird


“I’m constantly in search of something new, hyper-real and weird,” says Katerina Blahutova—nicknamed Katla—a multidisciplinary designer and DJ/VJ from Prague…

Christmas Is Coming & We Are Getting Fat: A Festive Guide To Reykjavík Restaurants

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After last year’s tour of easy-going downtown havens like Mat Bar, Snaps and Skál, we decided to broaden the net…

Electric Dreams: Welcome To KRÍA’s Ice Pop


KRÍA is an Icelandic singer-songwriter-producer who has been exceptionally busy for the past three years, while managing to maintain a…

Electric Dreams: Hlýnun Jarðar Looks Towards The Future


Tryggvi Þór Pálsson is a member of Reykjavík’s own very productive and skillful DJ crew Plútó, appearing under DJ moniker…

Electric Dreams: Artist & DJ Ása Kolla Starts The Dance


Ása Kolla is an up-and-coming DJ and student at The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts. “My studies there are very…

Space Jam: Halldór Eldjárn Mixes Music & Technology


Halldór Eldjárn is a composer, drummer and computer programmer that has been active in Reykjavík’s music scene for the past…

Electric Dreams: AAIIEENN’s Noise, Darkness & Electricity


Over the past few years Hallmar Gauti Halldórsson—better known as his alter ego AAIIEENN—has been experimenting with raw analogue synthesizer…

Otherworldly Sounds: Berlin-Based Artist On Experimenting With Visual Art And Electronic Music


Kolbrún Klara Gunnarsdóttir is an artist out of Reykjavík who currently resides in Berlin. She is a part of the…

Techno Superpower: X/OZ Label Manager On Untapped Potential, Trust And Connecting Through Music


Anna Ásthildur Thorsteinsdóttir is a mainstay in the vivid world of Icelandic music, where she usually resides behind the scenes….

Music As Mirror: Futuregrapher On Process, Collaboration And Releasing Music


Árni Grétar is an Icelandic musician best known under the pseudonym Futuregrapher. He co-founded the Möller Records label and has…

Different Sounds: NonniMal’s Electric Dreams


Jón Brynjar Óskarsson—best known for making fast-paced and hypnotic techno music under his lead pseudonym NonniMal—is a musician that has…

Weird, Unafraid And Upbeat: Collaborative Duo Stelpuróló Talk Music


Local rap musicians HOLY HRAFN (Óli Hrafn Jónasson) and Stelpurófan (Þorgerður María Þorbjarnardóttir) form the musical collaboration Stelpuróló. In the…

Electric Dreams: Icelandic Electronic Label Sweaty Records Find The Same Wavelength


Sweaty Records is a record label run by a group of Icelandic musicians and DJs based mainly in Berlin and…

Weird Emotions: K.ola On Emotional Interactions, DIY & Collaboration


The self-proclaimed “medium-curious musician” Katrín Helga Ólafsdóttir is an up-and-coming artist studying composition at Iceland University of the Arts. She…

Reykjavík Arts Festival: Dragsúgur—A Gust Of Air, Or A Mobile Gallery?


The Wind and Weather Window Gallery (WWWG) is an unconventional gallery located in the front window of the 105-year-old house…

Electric Dreams: Dark Prince Fendi Blends Pop Ideology With Rap


“I’m in this shit for me alone. Everybody’s trying to copy me but I’m flexing on them.” So begins Dark…

Electric Dreams: Johnny Blaze & Hakki Brakes On Crappy Cars & Italo-Disco Influences


Johnny Blaze & Hakki Brakes’s music collaboration presents an absurd but intimate fantasy world. Their month-old release ‘Vroom Vroom Vroom’—their…

Electric Dreams: Melodic Armchair Disco With Yagya


Yagya—real name Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson—is known for the melodic ambient soundscapes he’s been pumping out for more than 15 years. He…

DJ Dominatricks: DJ/VJ Duo On Technology, Obscurity And Oppression


In the past half year or so, the DJ/VJ duo DJ Dominatricks have become an intriguing addition to Reykjavík’s nightlife….

Electric Dreams: Melodies Of The Deep With Sindri7000


Sindri7000 is the solo project of composer and guitarist Sindri Freyr Steinsson. His 2016 album ‘Music For Divers’ was his…

Sónar Warm Up: Atonal Noise, Berlin Electro & Proper Techno

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Our writers went into the breach last night to check out the warm-up night for Sónar Reykjavík 2018. Here’s what…

Electric Dreams: Russian.Girls On Creativity And Friendship


Mystery shrouds russian.girls. Guðlaugur Halldór Einarsson’s project formed some years ago, initially as a creative outlet for his solo experiments….

Riding The Waves: GusGus On Their New Music And New Dynamic


GusGus are a pioneering entity in Iceland’s electronic music scene that barely need an introduction. This band are well known…

Electric Dreams: Axis Dancehall Get The Party Started


Seated amongst countless disassembled synthesizers, Grétar Mar Sigurðsson and Atli Steinn Bjarnason share an interesting dynamic. Together they form genre-bending…

Activate Sónar: Ten Must-See Icelandic Acts At Sónar Reykjavík

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To Icelandic electronic music aficionados, the annual Sónar Reykjavík festival is something of a “techno Christmas.” In the long-established model…