From Iceland — Electric Dreams: Evil Suburban Kids - Make The Scene Great Again

Electric Dreams: Evil Suburban Kids – Make The Scene Great Again

Published March 12, 2020

Electric Dreams: Evil Suburban Kids – Make The Scene Great Again
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Evil Suburban Kids

Evil Suburban Kids (ESK) is an emergent collective hosting regular dance-music events around town that showcase broad-minded DJs and musicians who feel a need to revitalize the city’s clubbing culture. After making contact with their headquarters, they declared to me their present state of mind collectively and anonymously.

Not too serious
As a group, ESK takes things seriously, but not too seriously. “We are heavily influenced by Paris Hilton’s DJ sets, dank memes, music from the 90s like electro, techno, ghettotech and everything above 160 BPM,” they say. “We especially love Russia’s underground clubbing-culture—a bit of slav-vibes can’t go wrong.”

The clubbing experience
The collective’s main agenda is to freshen-up the Reykjavík clubbing scene, which to them feels almost non-existent. “Yes, there may be two or three bars where some form of house and techno is played, but Iceland doesn’t get to experience clubbing like the rest of Scandinavia and Europe,” they lament. “We want people to be able to experience this as close as possible until a proper late-hour CLUB—not bar—opens its doors.”

Hope for the scene
Evil Suburban Kids is positive and sees hope for the local scene. “Great events happen once in a while but a proper venue is the number one thing that’s missing,” they say. “Right now, the agenda is simply to release some insane tunes, put on crazy parties and make the scene great again. We have three or four releases ready to go and we want to bring foreign artists to play with us as well.”

DJ Assault
On April 4 ESK will bring the well-known Detroit musician DJ Assault—known for ghettotech songs ‘Sex On The Beach’ and ‘Ass-N-Titties’—to Gaukurinn. “The man is a legend, he played in Iceland for the first time in 2018 and wanted to come back,” they say. “Free shots for anyone who writes ‘Ass-N-Titties’ on their neck with a sharpie!”

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