From Iceland — Electric Dreams: Kuldaboli's Insanity And Madness

Electric Dreams: Kuldaboli’s Insanity And Madness

Published March 4, 2020

Electric Dreams: Kuldaboli’s Insanity And Madness

Without a doubt, Kuldaboli is currently one of Iceland’s most prolific music projects. Before leaving the country a couple of years ago, the musician—he chose not to appear under his own name here—was involved in projects that fall outside of the spectrum of electronic music. Now he spends his time in Berlin making powerful electronic tracks under the name Kuldaboli that satisfy thirsty clubbers and music enthusiasts. Demand for his music from dance clubs and labels is at an all-time high.

Geðveiki og brjálæði

Kuldaboli’s latest release, ’Geðveiki og brjálæði’ (’Insanity And Madness’) is out now on Berlin-based Icelandic record label Sweaty Records. “I am very happy about it; five songs that together form quite a journey,” he says. “The theme of this EP is mental instability, which is something I’ve dealt with all my life.”

His songs possess a sense of somberness towards the baffling nature of life and often make a point about things that he feels are wrong. “Lately I have been experimenting with wild tempos, but there is no message behind that in itself,” he explains. “I only try to follow the energy I feel inside me and around me. Good music is good music.”

Signs from nature

Kuldaboli favours no genres over others but finds electronic music to be the purest form. “I personally believe that the existence of music is a message from above,” he says. “The fact that we perceive pitch and rhythm seems to be a hint from nature telling us that patterns, repetition, cycles and symmetry are of great significance.”

“The theme of this EP is mental instability, which is something I’ve dealt with all my life.”

But the artist feels that nowadays, being an underground musician in Iceland is pretty much impossible. “Here on the mainland I am doing pretty well,” he says. “I just played two banging club nights earlier this month, I have upcoming releases on at least seven labels, I started recording a rock album and plan to play a bunch of shows and release a bunch of music this year. Stay tuned.”

Kuldaboli’s EP ‘Geðveiki og brjálæði’ was released by Sweaty Records in December and can be purchased at

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