From Iceland — An Electric Direction - ThizOne On Making Music

An Electric Direction – ThizOne On Making Music

An Electric Direction – ThizOne On Making Music

Published October 11, 2019

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Planet X

ThizOne —the music moniker of one Sigtryggur Egilsson—is known for his warped and eclectic sets of crackling beats from various realms of electronic music. He utilizes tried and true drum-machine snares, hi-hats and claps that he mixes with a rumbling bass, creating otherworldly sounds that seem to seem to connect reality with the essence of futuristic technology and space travel. Now, this well-known figure within Icelandic dance-music is about to release a new song on recent Icelandic techno-imprint Planet X.

Coming back to Iceland

Sigtryggur spent his formative years in Denmark but has recently moved back to Iceland via Berlin. “I basically just went [to Berlin] for a ten-day vacation back in 2014 and then decided to move there since I needed a change,” he says. “Day to day I’m usually producing music or chilling at Prikið. I just started working with some great people in town recently.” Sigtryggur’s track ‘Bolts’ will be out on November 15th on Planet X and includes other no-nonsense-techno-tracks by LaFontaine, Bjarki’s side-project Q-Cumb and prolific US techno-producer Matrixxman.
“[Planet X label-manager] Addi Exos heard the track and said to me that it made no sense that it hadn’t been released, so he asked me if I was up for releasing it.”

Electronic Music

In recent years, Sigtryggur has become known for an electro-influenced direction in his production. “I can’t remember how early I started listening to music but I started making hip hop beats in around 2002. “Slowly I started getting more and more into all kinds of experimental electronic music,” he says. “I listen to a wide variety of music and have produced many different styles of music through the years. But electronic music fills up a lot of space in my world.” Planet X also plans to release a full ThizOne LP in the coming months. As I say goodbye to the very beat-driven yet seemingly aloof Sigtryggur, he leaves me with some two points to ponder: “Remember to keep on keeping on,” he says. “And the best system is a soundsystem.”

Follow ThizOne’s music on SoundCloud. The compilation ‘Invisible Limits II’ will be released on November 15th.

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