From Iceland — Elli Grill: Evil Suburban Kids

Elli Grill: Evil Suburban Kids

Published November 21, 2019

Elli Grill: Evil Suburban Kids
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Matthew Eisman

Over the past few years, Elli Grill has become an easily-recognized figure within the Icelandic music scene. From his early-days performing near-exclusively with hip hop collective Shades of Reykjavík, to participating in Iceland’s national selection-competition for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and releasing dance-oriented songs that fuse rap with techno.

The genre of Grill

Style-wise, Elli Grill could be seen as a mongrel of-sorts. “I’m all over the place, just like my brain,” he explains. “I mix styles, old and new, but I like to stick to a theme for every project. I’ve come to realize Elli Grill is a genre of his own.”

Elli’s inspiration can be found near and far. “Sometimes it’s an Icelandic rave in a cave, sometimes my insanity, sometimes my heart-of-gold, sometimes Europe, sometimes [Tennessee hip hop collective] The Southern Demon Herd, but most-of-all it’s skating,” he explains.

The artist says he writes most of his lyrics in the tub. “I like to take long baths. Techno-producer LaFontaine is usually around to keep the temperature just right,” he says. “Then we visit my producer and sound-engineer Balatron to make some music! Or, we might all fight about how Jeff Mills’ tracks just aren’t spacey enough.”

Holiday madness

A couple of weeks ago, Elli celebrated the release of ‘Rassa Bassi Vol. 2’ at Gaukurinn. “It was a truly spiritual-experience with lots of strobe-lights,” he says. “‘Rassa Bassi Vol. 2’ is a follow-up to my last album ‘Pottþétt Elli Grill.’ It goes further down the rabbit hole of true techno madness.”

Elli Grill will be performing at Prikið with cross-disciplinary artist Skaði on November 14th. “Then, we’ll be launching record-label Evil Suburban Kids, our first label-night being at Bravó on November 16th with some serious local talent,” he explains. “Then, in December I will release this year most popular Christmas song and have a huge party. A spiritual Christmas-experience from Elli Grill to you.”

Cop Elli Grill’s latest album ‘Rassa Bassi Vol. 2’ online at and stream his entire catalogue on Spotify. See him live at Prikið on November 14th and at Evil Suburban Kids’ label-night at Bravó on November 16th.

Follow up on Elli’s devious behaviour on Instagram.

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