From Iceland — Kriki: "Sól Úti" Music Video Premiere!

Kriki: “Sól Úti” Music Video Premiere!

Published November 15, 2019

Kriki: “Sól Úti” Music Video Premiere!
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Kriki is back with a double single featuring two new songs: “Sól Úti” and “Better Off Alone.” With a cosy drum beat and energy that walks the line between sleepy and strong, these are two tracks that will make you want to dance in your pyjamas.

Sleepiness and melancholy are actually a common theme for the duo, seeing as their 2017 debut is called ‘Svefn,’ or ‘sleep’ in Icelandic. While that album was all about singer Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir’s heartbreak, the vocalist assures us that these new songs, “…are not necessarily about love but about a general lack of interest in wanting to deal with things.”

But don’t just take it from us, check it out for yourself. Presenting, the new music video for “Sól Úti”:

The sun is out, I’m staying in

The tune is a soft and slow anthem for soft and slow days. The first verses of the song came to Katrín while improvising with her bandmates, and while the tone is definitely melancholic, Katrín says in real life she is doing just fine. “I guess it’s just the feelings I choose to put into words,” she explains. “Because when I have them, I really feel like I need to get them out”.

Their other newly released song is a re-imagination of Alice DJ’s late 90s hit “Better Off Alone.” Katrín decided to remake the song when a friend was blasting it at school. “It’s such a catchy song with such strong but simple lyrics,” she says. “I thought it would be fun to take this club hit and make it a little bit newer.” The Kriki version is an introvert hymn—the perfect song to listen to alone.

Music knows not distance

Since the release of ‘Svefn’ in 2017, Sindri and Katrín both moved away from Iceland and are currently based in Copenhagen and Berlin, respectively. Due to this separation, the band went into a state of hibernation. This year though, while Katrín was trying to save some files off a crashed hard disk, she found a rough demo for “Sól Úti.” She then crashed on Sindri’s couch in Copenhagen and the two recorded the song in a week.

So check out the new tracks, and hopefully, more Kriki is on the horizon!

Check out Kriki on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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