From Iceland — Perfect Day: Gunnar Ingi Jones

Perfect Day: Gunnar Ingi Jones

Published November 14, 2019

Perfect Day: Gunnar Ingi Jones
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Gunnar Ingi Jones is the guitarist of metal band Une Misère, who just dropped their newest album ‘Sermon’ on November 1st. Here, he gives us a peek into his perfect day in the city.

I wake up around 8:00 having slept exactly eight hours. I’m feeling rested as fuck. I head to the gym—I go to World Class—and only do bicep curls and maybe a little shoulders to get my daily dose of swoleness. Right after the gym, I go to Sundlaug Seltjarnarness for a little splash of the hot tub and then the cold pot. Because this is my perfect day, a lot of random people compliment me on how good I look as I walk to the pool.

Gunnar Ingi Jones. Photo by Art Bicnick

I do brunch at Prikið and they make me custom-made protein pancakes that only I get to eat. No one else. The dish is called “The Jones Delight.” Hint hint, Prikið.


I take my dog to the dog park because I love him and this is also his perfect day. He runs around and makes friends with three puppies. I get to pet them. Next it’s soundcheck for our album release show, which will be on December 14th at IÐNÓ. I’m so stoked for this show—we are taking it to the next level and obviously, it would be happening on my perfect day. It’s also snacktime.


I go home, chill for a bit, and get dressed for the night. Of course, I put on some nice cologne. It’s very important to smell nice. But let’s talk dinner options. I don’t eat meat so it has to be vegetarian-friendly. The burgers are Prikið are something else so that would be a hot spot but I’m feeling adventurous so we are taking it to the next level. I’m talking a five-course meal made by Gordon Ramsay himself. He cooks for me and a selected few at my house.

It’s SHOWTIME, BABY. I pump the guns right before hitting the stage because I’m that guy. Anyway, we have a killer show and at the end, people throw roses at me. The night ends with everyone having a good time at the venue. I crawl into bed around 1:00 with someone special. I’m talking about my dog.

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