From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Countess Malaise, Ásgeir, Sin Fang & More

Grapevine Playlist: Countess Malaise, Ásgeir, Sin Fang & More

Published November 14, 2019

Grapevine Playlist: Countess Malaise, Ásgeir, Sin Fang & More
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The Grapevine Playlist provides you with your regular dose of brand new Icelandic music. This time music for: headbanging and car-cruising along with Bon Iver and Beatles inspired tracks.

Young Karin – Floor (feat. Sturla Atlas)

Young Karin’s‘Floor’ is an energetic, well-produced track that delivers everything a song like this should deliver. Young Karin is, of course, an incredibly talented singer, and the Sturla Atlas intro is fresh, further elevating an already solid song. We’d recommend turning the speaker to eleven for a little headbanging action with the heavy beat, but the Grapevine is not liable for any injuries. VG

una schram – bum boy (feat. Orla Engstrøm)

The gentle, near-trip-hop beat and una’s distinct voice—equal parts sweet, coy and delightfully petulant—puts this song over any ASMR track you could possibly listen to. The lyrics play a sharp contrast to this, as she firmly sets boundaries and clearly states her expectations to a guy who wants something different from her than what she has in mind. Expect to hear this track pumping from a passing car downtown soon. AF

Ásgeir – Bernskan

Ásgeir, formerly known as Ásgeir Trausti, hits us with this tune, the title of which translates to “childhood.” Of course, the production is impeccable, the song solid, and the lyrics are actually quite nice. It could best be described as a hybrid between Bon Iver and Of Monsters and Men. Of course, it’s in Icelandic, so if you can’t even pronounce the artist’s name (hint: it’s not ‘Ass-gear”), good luck. VG

Sin Fang – Constellations

Sing Fang’s newest song, “Constellations,” is soothing indie at its best. Consider this: If the Beatles were reborn as Millenials, this would be the music they would be making. With “Constellations,” combined with his last release “Hollow,” Sindri Már Sigfússon has really raised the bar of expectations for his next album. It can’t be any less than a masterpiece. No pressure, though. VG

Between Mountains – Between Mountains

Keep in mind that the members of Between Mountains are all around 17-years old—or at least they were last time we checked. Impressive stuff. Their first full album is a combination of soothing folk music with interesting depth, both vocally as well as in the songwriting. They aren’t treading in uncharted waters here, but it’s well done and interesting enough. VG

Countess Malaise – HYSTERÍA

Countess Malaise has always radiated powerful, foreboding, sexual energy, and this album is probably the best example of exactly that. Beats that crawl like a strange nocturnal beast in the shadows, her vocal stylings are confrontational and electric. No one else in Iceland’s hip-hop scene delivers as confidently and as deftly as The Countess. One-track and guaranteed, she’ll sink her hooks into you, and you’ll love it and beg for more. AF

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