From Iceland — Track By Track: ‘HYSTERÍA’ By Countess Malaise

Track By Track: ‘HYSTERÍA’ By Countess Malaise

Published November 12, 2019

Track By Track: ‘HYSTERÍA’ By Countess Malaise
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Nicola Lamburov

Bow down, for the Countess of Malaise has arrived with her long-awaited debut album ‘HYSTERÍA.’

Coming First

It’s self-explanatory. As a woman, you learn that you’re not supposed to cum or say what you like in bed. I just wanted to make things clear from the get-go: I am that bitch and I want to come first.

Slide Me A Brick

I’m taking space and saying I deserve respect and to get paid for my shit. Brick can mean a brick of cocaine, but I’m talking about a stack of cash.

Mixing Up Some Potions

This one is just about having fun. Slim Poppins is featured on it and she’s amazing. Such a good rapper. We decided to do something together and that was around when she started blowing up. Rihanna used her song “Vamanos” in her Fenty campaign. We really clicked.


“Anticipating” is special because I am singing and I haven’t done that before. Basically Lord Pusswhip made this beat and I tried to record on it freestyle. I am not known for freestyling and I’ve always been scared of doing it. The song is about Lord Pusswhip. It’s really vulnerable and and definitely the scariest song to put on the album. In the end though, it’s my thing to be honest and vulnerable so I dropped it in.


There’s a big contrast between “Anticipating” and “Pulse.” “Anticipating” is really romantic and soft and then you fall into the hole of “Pulse.” I wrote it in Amsterdam when I was hella suicidal and hella fucked up. It was a hard time. But I was really sick and I had this beat on my computer and I just felt like I wanted to die, so I wrote this song and recorded it super sick in my room. It was the first song I wrote for this EP.

Taking Out The Trash

This beat reminds me of those fast-paced animes like ‘Wicked City,’ where there’s a lot of freaky shit. The movie is about these women that you have sex with but then you die, but the sex is like the best sex of your life, so a lot of men are like, “Fuck it.” That’s the vibe I’m going for.

On top of that, I’ve been losing a lot of fake friends and removing toxic people from my life and that’s why it’s called “Taking Out The Trash.” At some point in your life, you realise that not everyone around you is worth keeping around. You gotta remove those energy suckers. They are hindering your growth and happiness.

Tired Of This Shit

This is a song of rage, like when the last drop fills up your cup and you just go fucking ham. It’s unapologetic, saying fuck this shit.

Alpha Female

Arna Beth, who does my visuals, calls herself an Alpha Female. That is the best combination because it’s the same as bad bitch but way more elevated. The song is an empowering song for everyone who just doesn’t give a fuck. They go to the club and dance as slutty as they fucking want and don’t care what people are thinking. I know I love to get freaky and nasty on the dance floor, so I wanted to do something that people could shake their ass to as the finale of the album. End it on a positive, empowering, and sexy note.

Stream ‘HYSTERÍA’ by Countess Malaise on Spotify. Read more Track by Tracks here.

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