From Iceland — Phone Survives Spectacular Fall And A Year Outdoors

Phone Survives Spectacular Fall And A Year Outdoors

Published September 26, 2019

Lea Müller

IPhone owner Haukur Snorrason was surprised to have his device returned this week after he accidentally dropped it from a plane about a year ago. The phone had withstood both the spectacular fall and a year in the wilderness in Icelandic weather conditions.

How it happened
Last summer, Haukur went on a work trip to take aerial shots of Skaftá, the glacier river in southern Iceland. After he had finished work, he decided to take a video with his iPhone from the open window of the plane. A decision he would soon regret when an airstream snatched the phone right out of his hands. Haukur knew that it was unlikely the phone would survive a fall from such height, but he nevertheless contacted an area farmer in the hope it might have landed on moss.

The Happy Ending
They were unable to detect the device at the time. However, long after Haukur had given up on his iPhone, he received a call, informing him that some people had found it while hiking in the area. A year had passed since the incident and the owner was positive that the phone would be useless after being exposed to Icelandic seasons for such a long time. To his surprise, neither the screen was shattered from the impact nor was it dead.

On his Facebook page, Haukur shared the phone’s story along with a picture of the intact device, along with the video that shows its dramatic fall and had apparently been saved for all this time. He said that most functions weren’t compromised, but admitted that the speakers weren’t working anymore, Fréttablaðið reports. Still, this case is a brilliant advertisement for Apple- well at least for older devices, as it was an iPhone 6s+ that he dropped. Once known for its nasty disposition to bend easily under pressure, it is now on par with the throwback posts about the indestructible Nokia.

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