From Iceland — Jason Momoa Chimes In On Icelandic Shark Maiming Video

Jason Momoa Chimes In On Icelandic Shark Maiming Video

Published June 3, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The brutal maiming of a shark by Icelandic fisherman, who inexplicably filmed their attack, has already caused great anger in Iceland, but the story is continuing to spread. The latest figure to get in on the action is Hollywood actor Jason Momoa.

Momoa posted the sailors video, and then a screengrab of a news story and images of the fisherman’s Facebook profiles, on Instagram.

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Follow @savethereef WTF. Fuck these assholes I’m so fucking upset What is wrong with humans I would give anything to catch these idiots FUCK. Please repost to get these fuckers.

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He blasts the men with a fierce attack in which he says that he has never in his life seen something “so cruel”, and that the sailors will “get what the shark got” for their “pure evil”. As of this writing, the posts have well over 1 million likes and over 78,000 comments, most of which adopt a similarly violent tone.

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And there you are……it sucks to see that you are probably good men friends providers fathers but you fucking did this. Your life will forever change I have never in my life seen something so cruel. Your laugh makes me furious never have I wanted to hurt a human as much as I did when I heard your laugh and what u said. This will change you and hopefully you will save and protect I pray you find redemption. we all make mistakes but what u did was evil PURE EVIL. You will get what that shark got. FUCK YOU j

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As reported, the news refers to two fisherman who filmed themselves cutting the tail off a shark before casting it back into the sea, laughing as they did so. One of the men could be heard shouting “Good luck trying to swim, you bastard!” The film, posted first by Christel Ýr Johansen, has caused significant controversy, with many Icelanders and others deploring the cruel and senseless behaviour. RÚV reports that the sailors in question have been fired from their positions and, according to Þóra Jóhanna Jónasdóttir of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, may face criminal charges and fines of up to one million ISK.

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