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If there is one thing the Grapevine it is known for, it is the humour that it brings to everything that it does. The world is far too serious at times and so we endeavour to do what we can to spread some joy.

One such way we do this is via our regular segment “Well you asked” in which we offer up answers to questions that we have been sent by our readers. The answers are not always 100% serious but they certainly offer some kind of insight. With our recent push to create more video-based content for our youtube channel (please subscribe!) we very quickly realised that the format for “Well you asked” would be perfect for video as well as print.

Thus we present to you our debut venture of the video form of “Well you asked” which featured as part of our Daily Iceland series!

Editor in Chief Valur Grettisson and journalism intern Sam Daniels (hey! that’s me!) sat down to discuss such amazingly important topics such as:

  • How do I hug all the cats in the city?
  • How do you hook up in the sauna?
  • Is it right to spray smelly people on the bus with air freshener?

The end result is 16 minutes and 59 seconds of ridiculous laughter, bad puns and potential ethical violations.

Why are you still here? Go watch it!

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And to read some of our past “wisdom” then click here for more Well you asked.

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