From Iceland — Most Icelanders Support Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags In Stores

Most Icelanders Support Ban On Single-Use Plastic Bags In Stores

Published October 30, 2018

Andie Fontaine
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Malcolm Kenneth Fraser

Nearly two-thirds of Icelanders support a blanket ban on single-use plastic bags in retail stores, according to the results of a new poll from Market and Media Research, Kjarninn reports.

According to the results, 62% said they were very supportive (41%) or rather supportive (21%) of such a ban. By contrast, only 21% said they were very against (9%) or rather against (12%) the idea. 17% had no opinion on the matter.

As always, the demographic background tells a more detailed story.

In terms of party affiliation, voters for the Social Democrats were most supportive of a plastic bag ban (71%), followed by the Pirates (69%) and the Left-Greens (64%). The highest levels of opposition to the ban came from voters for the Independence Party (41%), followed by the Reform Party (28%), the Progressives and the People’s Party (both at 27%).

Women (69%) were more supportive of the ban than men (54%), but opposition to the ban increased with the age of the respondent, while a higher level of education correlated with support.

Opposition to the ban also rose with income level. 57% of those making 1 million ISK per month or more supported the ban, as compared to 63% of those making less than 400,000 ISK per month.

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