From Iceland — Victory! Reykja-biza Is Having Its Coldest Summer Since Only 1993!

Victory! Reykja-biza Is Having Its Coldest Summer Since Only 1993!

Published July 26, 2018

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Rejoice, all ye who have suffered in this cold and wet Icelandic summer: You might have thought it was the worst summer in Reykjavík for 100 years, but it’s only the worst since 1993. Take that global warming! Reykja-biza is here!

Today, the meteorologist of the Icelandic Meteorological Office Trausti Jónsson announced that the first 14 weeks of summer have had an average temperature of 7.7 C, which is basically boiling. For reference, the average summer temperature in Ibiza varies from 22-26 C. That’s only a 20 degree difference, which is almost nothing.

A 7.7 C average temperature for the first 14 weeks has never happened since 1993, which—FYI—was also the year ‘Cheers’ ended, Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ was released, and Bill Clinton became President. What a year! We are very honoured to be included in such an esteemed category.

Because we assume that you’ve already forgotten what to do in Reykjavík on a beautiful 7.7 C sunny day, we put together a list of fun activities for you. Don’t forget to wear deodorant because you’ll definitely be sweating.

  • Cool down with a nice ice cream. Don’t know the best parlours? Click here.
  • Prevent sunstroke at a local swimming pool. Here’s the best spots.
  • Just go outside, sit in a park and collect all of that 7.7 C Vitamin-D. Don’t forget to buy sunscreen and wear sunglasses. Your delicate skin is probably not used to the warm feeling of those boiling sun rays anymore.

  • End the day with a nice classy fancy cocktail. Don’t know where to go? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
  • For all you outdoorsy people, this is your chance! We suggest you go on a nice hike on Reykjavík’s home mountain, Esja, and enjoy the for-once not clouded view all over the city!
  • Go to the beach, which is pretty much like the Atlantic Copacabana. Just make sure you’ve packed your parasol, flip-flops and beach lounger and you’re all set to enjoy some slices of watermelon and slurp a coconut, or just eat some Skyr.

The meteorologist also said that temperatures are likely to increase for the rest of the summer. We, of course, are praying they don’t. Right now, as Paris Hilton would say, “It’s hot!”

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