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Tragedy: The Oldest Post Office In Iceland Closes Its Doors

Published July 24, 2018

Christine Engel Snitkjær
Photos by
Wikimedia Commons

What do the Reykjavík streets Bankastræti (‘bank street’), Spítalastígur (‘hospital street’), and Lækjargata (‘creek road’) all have in common? Well, they’re all named after structures that used to adorn the streets of Reykjavik but which have all long since closed down. To the despair of many Reykjavik residents, Pósthússtræti (‘post office street’) is soon to join the ranks.

After 150 years of post office activities, the post office in Pósthússtræti will close its doors. We at the Grapevine have been crying all day, as we imagine the whole of Iceland is too. Please don’t stalk us, but our office is quite close to the Pósthús and we have often spent many a’day sitting inside the beautiful building, soaking up its post office-y glow. What will we do now? Hang out in the bank?

Íslandspóstur released a public statement saying that in the face of Iceland’s booming tourist industry, the facility has proven too small to serve both local residents and travellers effectively. They also added that the plethora of construction work currently going on downtown delays shipments going in and out of Reykjavik.

The post office in Pósthússtræti is, or rather was, the oldest in Iceland. The name of the street is now the only thing that will remain of its legacy.

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