From Iceland — Reykjavik Coalition Talks Going Forward, Without The Socialists

Reykjavik Coalition Talks Going Forward, Without The Socialists

Published May 30, 2018

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Marek Ślusarczyk/Wikimedia Commons

In the wake of Reykjavík municipal elections, numerous parties are having informal talks about what the next majority for Iceland’s capital will be. The Socialists, however, will not be a part of these talks.

As the results bore out, there is no clear-cut winner in the Reykjavík elections. While the Independence Party won the most seats – eight in all – for the city’s 23-seat council, the number of seats won by different parties shows that they might not necessarily end up running the city.

Vísir reports that informal talks between the Social Democrats (seven seats), the Pirate Party (two seats), the Reform Party (two seats), the Left-Greens (one seat) and the People’s Party (one seat) are currently underway. Such a coalition would comprise 13 seats and keep the Social Democrats in power in Reykjavík.

One party that will not be involved in these talks, however, are the Socialists, who won one seat on City Council. In a statement released by the party, they say that “one councilperson roped into a majority coalition with other parties would accomplish very little.”

This means the Socialists will not be involved in any City Council majority, whether led by the Social Democrats or the Independence Party.

“One councilperson cannot change the system from within,” the statement continues. “Least of all if their first act as an elected official will be to enter into a majority that has a platform that the Socialists harshly criticised during the campaign season. But one councilperson can take an active part with their comrades in building solidarity with low wage earners, immigrants, renters, pensioners, the disabled, and other powerless people, and be a channel of communication within City Council for their struggle.”

Informal city council majority talks are still ongoing.

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