Another Victory For Iceland: Jóhanna Gúðrun Wins Dancing With Stars

Another Victory For Iceland: Jóhanna Gúðrun Wins Dancing With The Stars

Published May 8, 2018

Life has never been better for Icelandic athletes. First our football team qualified for the World Cup and is still ready to smite the world; then Ólafía Þór­unn Krist­ins­dótt­ir, aka the Tiger Woods of the North, hit a hole-in-one prompting a wave of excitement all over the country, and finally Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson won the 2018 World’s Strongest Man tournament (under the shadow of domestic abuse allegations, though).

But now—now the world is ready for true talent.

Icelandic singer Jóhanna Gúðrun (also known as Yohanna), whose second place triumph at the 2009 Eurovision is hard to forget, won the Icelandic version of Dancing With The Stars on Sunday evening. Alongside the mysterious dancer Max Petrov, Jóhanna began from the bottom like everyone else but quickly rose to the top, earning 10 after 10 from the jury with her smooth pirouettes and sizzling tangos.

On his part, Mr Petrov showed great professional skills throughout, tapping into Jóhanna’s true nature and helping this dancing phoenix rise from Euro-ashes.

“I really did not expect this,” stone-faced Jóhanna said when her victory was announced, and as Petrov picked her up in his arms for a victory spin in a cloud of glitter, her face was lit with pride and love for her country. We’ll never forget your passion, Jóhanna.

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