From Iceland — Miserable Storm Hits Iceland, Many Roads Closed

Miserable Storm Hits Iceland, Many Roads Closed

Published February 21, 2018

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Today’s wind storm has resulted in many closed roads. Knowing how to keep updated will keep you safe.

Once again, Iceland is being smacked about by a wind storm, which has brought with it some snow and rain. Slightly lower temperatures also mean plenty of slush abounds.

As these conditions can make for dangerous traveling, and as visitors who end up getting rescued often say they did not know how to check conditions, we would like to point out the following resources:

First of all, there is the official page of the Icelandic Met Office. The Alerts page is especially vital. It not only indicates what areas are facing what kind of potentially hazardous conditions; the slider at the bottom right indicates when these conditions are expected to end.

Second, before hitting the road, always check The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration’s road map. This provides detailed information on where it may be safe to drive, and where roads are impassable.

Third, if you plan on flying or have a scheduled flight during a storm, whether domestically or from Iceland, always check the home page of your airline first. Some airlines will provide text and email updates to clients, but it pays to check for yourself as well.

Lastly, if for whatever reason you enjoy watching wind storms in real time, NullSchool provides realtime tracking of winds around Iceland. Not particularly practical, but it is pretty hypnotic to stare at for a while.

Keep these links handy during your visit, and check them before venturing out. Iceland’s weather is notoriously mercurial, and fine conditions in the morning can change to a violent storm at any point in the day. A little foresight could save you considerable time, money, and possibly your life.

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