From Iceland — Neo-Nazi Internet Refugees Register Domain In Iceland

Neo-Nazi Internet Refugees Register Domain In Iceland

Published September 18, 2017

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The neo-Nazi blog/“news” website the Daily Stormer has since the end of August had its website registered in Iceland, with the great ending .is, reports Mbl.

Following a post mocking the death of Heather Heyer who was killed during the troubles in Charlottesville last month, the .com site was closed down. Since then, the site has tried to register in Russia and Albania, but has now ended up in Iceland.

Divine internet

The Neo-Nazis’ write on their website that “the glorious Kek” made sure that they got their new internet home. This is because the only authority that can ban a domain in Iceland is the government, and with the government crashing following a scandal they believe this will ensure they get to keep the domain for the foreseeable future.

Daily shit

The Daily Stormer takes its name from the Nazi Germany newspaper Der Stürmer, which ran disgusting caricatures of Jewish people and campaigned to drum up hatred against minorities.

With current front page headlines like: “Cops Finally Begin Exterminating Trannies!”, “Israel Arranges “Guns for Negroes” Deal with Mass-Murdering African Dictator” and “Jennifer Lawrence’s Insane Behavior Illustrates Why We Need White Sharia Now!”, it is clear the Daily Stormer is continuing the tradition of Der Stürmer’s editor-in-chief Julius Streicher, who in 1946 was sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity.

Stay classy.

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