From Iceland — Reader’s Letter: "Help Womans To Make Love"

Reader’s Letter: “Help Womans To Make Love”

Published August 3, 2017


I’m Flo from Romania. I’m looking for dating and job in Iceland. I remember one article when it says “Iceland government is paying for boys to immigrate to help womans to make love”. Is this true? I’m very interested to live there I love nature. I’m a good looking man 25years. Hope to help me.



Whaddup Flo,

We’re glad you asked. For over a year now, we’ve received questions from curious outlanders looking to bag an Icelandic woman. Sorry to break the news (again), but the article you reference was a hoax. I mean think about it, women are strong and independent. They don’t need the government to step in to “make love.” There are plenty of men here (actually more men than women), and if straight girls want a guy, they’ll resort to Tinder and damn well find him themselves. If you’re desperate for “dating and job,” escorting might be a good shout since you’re good lookin’ and all that but I beg of you please: keep your FB requests and “pokes” to yourself. We ain’t interested.

Yours platonically,

Single ladies of The Grapevine xoxo

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