From Iceland — Only 40% Of Pirates Think Life Is Fair

Only 40% Of Pirates Think Life Is Fair

Published June 7, 2017

A recent study by market researcher MMR has found that a majority of Icelanders believe that life is fair—that is, except if you are a Píratapartýið (“The Pirate Party”) voter.

This is a marked difference from the rest of society, with three-quarters of Icelanders responding that life is fair.

It does seem somewhat logical that a party formed out of the idea that our political system is deeply flawed would find things to be shit. It probably hasn’t helped that they were expected to win big in last year’s election, before stumbling terribly at the last hurdle. Losers tend to be unhappy with life. But with 60% of its voters cursing the universe (or God if you are into that) the Pirates are in an unhappy league of their own.

A distant second in regards to misery came Samfylkingin (“The Social Democratic Alliance”) with a 51% unfairness rating. They—being social democrats—have been thrown on the trash heap of history, and when you live in a rotting house infested with mould you are bound to be a tad bit desponded.

Happy winners

Icelanders on the winning side of life tend to feel that everything is rosy. 88% of the ruling Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn (“The Independence Party”) think life is great and that everything is set up nicely. Which is hardly surprising when you control everything and can provide friends and family with cozy business deals and ambassador posts. The same goes for executives and high ranking government officials, with 88% of those responding that life is fair.

The wealthier you are the more likely you are also to be happy with your lot in life. Four-fifths of those making a million or more a month claimed to be walking through life on air.

Poor losers

Students and the lowest earners are quite unhappy, with 43% of both groups feeling that life is unfair. It would seem that only suckers believe that money can’t buy you happiness.

A marked difference was also between the old and the young, with 83% of old farts over the age of 68 feeling great about things, while just 60% of those between 18-29 have a carefree attitude to life.

So to summaries, if you want life to be fair then vote for Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn, make a shit load of money and get extremely old. Sounds about right.

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