From Iceland — Where Was It Shot? Hostel: Part II

Where Was It Shot? Hostel: Part II

Published June 2, 2017

It’s rare that a sequel surpasses the original, and ‘Hostel: Part II’, directed by Eli Roth, is not an exception. Being a fan of the film, which is a prime example of the “Torture Porn” genre, is without a doubt a massive red flag from any significant other or friend. Not only does it say that they enjoy watching people get their nails torn off, but also that they don’t give a shit about plot or continuity.

Basically, the movie revolves around old rich guys that pay to torture young girls. That’s it. I didn’t really understand what was going on but the girls are hot and occasionally someone gets their throat cut or raped.


Now you might wonder—why on Earth would ‘Hostel: Part II’ need waterfalls and glaciers? The answer is… well, it doesn’t. Roth—a massive Icelandophile—made use of the Blue Lagoon for a scene in which one of the torture-babes swims a little bit and then runs away from some guys into a forest that is decidedly not Iceland. That’s really it. Not much screen time, but the scene is beautiful. I don’t credit Roth for that though, I credit the volcanos that made Iceland.

On that note, Roth was actually the first foreign director given the privilege to shoot anything at the Blue Lagoon. What an honour! That said, he used it in a film where people play soccer with a severed head.

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