From Iceland — Elderly American Busts Moves To Retro Stefson

Elderly American Busts Moves To Retro Stefson

Published May 16, 2017

There’s a new dance taking the internet by storm. If you imagine the macarena world champion dabbing to the harlem shake you wouldn’t even be close.

Ok not quite, but Paul Gerace has just taken the internet by storm with his bad-ass moves.

Paul discovered the sweet sounds of Retro Stefson when visiting the country last month, and couldn’t help but shake it to “Glow” in a video he posted on Facebook. It’s already been liked over 1000 times and Facebook users are commenting on Paul’s amazing age-(in)appropriate dancing.

“Uh! I guess you haven’t retired those bones yet!!! Go Paul! Go Paul, go go go go…” said one of Paul’s many fans on Facebook.

Another user added: “It is impossible not to move to this music.”

Paul shared his video on the band’s Facebook page, along with an apology. “Sorry it took me so long to discover your music. I returned from Iceland last month. What an amazing place. I love your music and want to give a special shoutout to Logi Pedro.”

Retro Stefson, founded in Iceland back in 2006 have clocked millions of listens on Spotify and fans around the world. Sadly, the band split up last year, but their fresh beats and addictive sound continue to keep fans across the world young at heart.

Despite his ecstatic dance it’s all bitter sweet for Paul: “Sorry you disbanded the band. Such great funky beats.”

Check it on his Facebook page.

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