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VIDEO: Footage Of Cute AF Seals Caught By Drone

Published April 24, 2017

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Art Bicnick

Is footage of a herd of Harp Seals swimming around and playing with each other the thing you need to make this Monday morning bearable? Then we’ve got you sorted.

The video was shared by engineer Haukur Arnar Gunnarsson, who estimates that there were around 69 seals in the herd. Marine Biologist Erlingur Hauksson told RÚV that this is not an unreasonable estimate given what he saw of the drone footage and that 69 seals isn’t even that big of a herd.

According to Erlingur, the harp seals are an annual visitor to Iceland, specifically up north, “the seal pups are born on the ice by Jan Mayen, then the herds swim to Iceland to eat capelin.”

Welcome Seal Babies!

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