From Iceland — "HEGELIAN DIALECTIC" Amongst Tags Spray Painted On Akureyri Churches

“HEGELIAN DIALECTIC” Amongst Tags Spray Painted On Akureyri Churches

Published January 4, 2017

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Svavar Alfreð Jónsson

Several churches in Akureyri were struck by what appears to be one vandal late last night, and some of the tags spray painted on the buildings were more obscure than others.

Svavar Alfreð Jónsson posted photographic evidence of vandalism done to Akureyri’s main Lutheran church last night.

Upon further investigation, RÚV discovered that in fact several churches in Akureyri got tagged.

Some of the tags were of the garden variety, such as “RELIGION = SLAVERY”, but others were more obscure. As can be seen, the tag HEGELIAN DIALECTIC was tagged on at least two different churches.

For the unaware, Hegelian dialectic is a complex philosophical concept that is fundamental to Marx’s dialectical materialism. In its abridged form, it suggests that a problem (thesis) and its response (antithesis) work as a kind of feedback loop until the solution (synthesis) is achieved and no antithesis is possible.

The reasons why Hegelian dialectic applies to the concept of a church are numerous, and subject to speculation.

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