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Searches For “Move To Iceland” Spikes

Published November 10, 2016

Photos by
Arpingstone/Wikimedia Commons

For reasons we can only speculate on, the past seven days has shown a tremendous upswing in people searching for “move/moving to Iceland.”

The Engine posted on Facebook exactly how the patterns of these searches went:

“Here is a chart of people in the United States searching for “Moving/move to Iceland” in the past 7 days. Seems at 4 am last night when Trump was leading, they were researching it. Then at 5 am they were shell shocked by the results, and then finally at 6 am they went into overdrive.
Other places of interest include, Canada, Norway and Ireland.”

If you are one of the Americans who searched for ways to move to Iceland based on the presidential elections, there are some things you should know about the logistics and the implications of that decision. Suffice to say, you do have other options.

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