From Iceland — Milkywhale Drop New Video

Milkywhale Drop New Video

Published November 1, 2016

Airwaves 2015 favourites Milkywhale are back in force for the 2016 festival. They dropped a new video today, so we caught up with them to see what’s been going on in their white, white world.

So last year’s Airwaves was quite a festival for Milkywhale. How was it for you? What were the funnest moments that spring to mind?
Yes indeed it was FUN! Me and Árni enjoyed ourselves so much, especially since we had no idea what to expect. We just wanted to play pop music, fool around and have fun with it. It seems like lot of people jumped on board the Milkywhalewatching boat. The best moments for me where definitely seeing people eagerly waving their babies in the air during our off venue concert in Laundromat cafe and and our main show in Harpa was unforgettable.

You were one of only two Icelandic bands picked to play Roskilde after the festival, right? How was that show?
It was great! Everything was so big and I was totally overwhelmed. Árni is such an experienced musician but I come from the contemporary dance scene which is a bit more subtle when it comes to the audience screaming and jumping. I think I will never forget the moment when I asked people to come and dance. All of a sudden there where hundreds of people running towards the stage, clapping, screaming, singing along and doing mosh pits throughout the entire concert.

Milkywhale at Harpa

What else has the Milkywhale been doing down in the deep ocean of 2016?
We have been busy doing all kinds of concerts and most importantly working on our new record, to be released later this fall. One of many higlights was a concert that we hosted on a whale watching boat at the Reykjavik Culture Night last August. The whole concept was that we were going to search for the loneliest whale in the world and play some music for it. In the end it was an amazing party, we’d really love to do that again one day.

Your new video is posted below, could you tell us a little bit about it?
It is a video to our new single Rhubarb Girl. The song is a really catchy dance track and we tried to catch the essence of the music. The director, Magnús Leifsson, also creates all our visuals and the overall look for Milkywhale, so he really works closely with us and knows us pretty well. The first half of the video is a one shot. It took a lot of time and co-ordination to get it right but we had such talented people working with us on set to make things look perfect. The other half of the video is just party 🙂 You can take some moves and use them at Milkywhale concerts throughout Airwaves.

Milkywhale by Art Bicnick

Do you have milky message to our readers, now that Airwaves week is here?
Don’t get drowned in the Airwaves ocean! Search for the right whales, they come of all shapes and sizes and their skin might be salty, but whales are more than willing to make new friends. And remember, whales don’t eat other whales. Happy Iceland Whalewaves!

See the video on the Milkywhale Facebook.

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