From Iceland — Fundamentalist Christians Harass Secondary School Kids - VIDEO

Fundamentalist Christians Harass Secondary School Kids – VIDEO

Published October 7, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Simon Cummings

Police had to be called twice to remove a pair of fundamentalist Christians who were harassing a group of Icelandic secondary school kids, with the pair condemning homosexuality and exhorting the children to avoid sex before marriage.

DV reports the incident occurred yesterday afternoon, when Simon and Angela Cummings – a pair of self-styled street preachers – approached students of the Menntaskólan við Hamrahlíð secondary school at Klambratún, where the students were gathered for a friendly sports event.

The pair reportedly harassed the students to the point where they felt the need to call the police. Police arrived, advising the pair to leave the area, which they did. However, once police left, the pair returned to the scene to step up their efforts.

This prompted another call to the police. This time, police loaded the pair up into a squad car and took them away, releasing them downtown.

“The kids got no peace to play down at Klambratún,” one mother told reporters. “There stood a man in the middle of the group, preaching doomsday, while the woman howled at the group. The kids were mostly upset that the pair were speaking poorly of homosexuals. The pair told the kids they would not be forgiven for having sex with people of the same gender.”

Parents and kids alike who spoke with DV expressed disgust and anger that they were harassed and preached at so aggressively. Simon, in fact, recorded a video of the event, which you can see here:

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