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Women Of The World: Yoko Ono Wants To Hear Your Story

Published September 28, 2016

Photos by
Simon Harriyott/Wikimedia Commons

Artist Yoko Ono is asking women everywhere to submit their stories of harm done to them, which will be incorporated into an installation piece the artist will display in Iceland.

The event in question, Uprising, begins on October 7 and will run until February 5.

“Women of all ages, from all countries of the world: you are invited to send a testament of harm done to you for being a woman,” the event states. “Write your testament in your own language, in your own words, and write however openly you wish. You may sign your first name if you wish, but do not give your full name. Send a photograph of your eyes.”

Both the testaments and the eye photographs will be included in the installation, which will be housed at the Reykjavík Art Museum.

Those interested can send their submissions to arising@reykjavik.is.

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