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Russian Bombers In Close Proximity To Icelandic Passenger Jet

Published September 26, 2016

Photos by
alan wilson / wikimedia

Two unidentified Russian bomber airplanes, probably Tupolev Tu-22Ms, flew directly under an Icelandic passenger jet traveling from Keflavik to Stockholm last Thursday, the 22th of September. The incident is said to have occurred within Icelandic airspace, close to where it borders with Norwegian territory, Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið reports.

RÚV reports that the Russian aircraft was spotted by a pilot of the Icelandic jet. The Icelandic pilot stated that the Russian plane, which he’d been warned about shortly before the incident, was flying 6-8000 feet below them. Although this is ample space, the manoeuvre was still dangerous, as the Russians had shut off all radar transmissions, which makes them invisible to passenger-plane collision detection alarms.

RÚV further reports NATO monitored the bombers’ path as they continued towards Spain, before being turned back, according to anonymous sources.

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