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Justin Bieber Has Landed In Iceland

Published September 7, 2016

Photo by
Joe Bielawa/Creative Commons

Your wait is over, folks. Justin Bieber has touched down in Iceland.

Vísir reports that the pop star landed at Reykjavík Airport by private jet only moments ago. Bieber will be performing in concert tomorrow and the next day, and some 30,000 people are expected to attend in total.

Bieber is no stranger to Iceland, and even shot a video here, for his song I’ll Show You.

The video raised some concerns amongst tourism industry workers, namely for its depiction of things you really shouldn’t be doing in the Icelandic countryside, such as clambering over moss or diving into Jökulsárlón.

That said, the Icelandic media loves Justin Bieber, so you can expect that any minutiae of his visit will be dutifully and diligently reported.

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