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Mink Family Spotted, Elicits Mixed Reactions – VIDEO

Published June 22, 2016

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A family of minks were recorded on video, evoking decidedly mixed reactions on social media.

The video, recorded by Edward Rickson, shows a family of minks – a mother and three youngsters – going for a casual stroll by the Reykjavík harbour.

“I was biking to work this morning and saw them running along the sidewalk,” Edward told RÚV. “I hit the brakes, turned around and recorded them. I have often seen minks in Reykjavík, but never a whole family. It was an adorable sight, although the animal is controversial.”

As can be seen by the comments under the video, not everyone is entirely fond of minks. As one Icelander put it: “[Minks are] hard-working and tough predators and quite adorable. A bit like Icelanders themselves, which is why we hate them.”

Another reason why Icelanders hate them is that minks can and do prey upon livestock. In this instance, the minks may be on the hunt for young seabirds, although no such animal-on-animal violence was spotted at the time.

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