Iceland’s second game on the road to their certain victory at Euro 2016 was, of course, another dramatic battle, this time against the spirited Magyar of Hungary. Despite Hungary having a venerable history in international football, the Icelandic longships sailed on Marseille with a fair wind in their sails after their 1-1 demolition of the prancing Portuguese—the gods were looking down kindly.

Here’s what went down.

On the morning of the game, the skies were blue and spirits were high.

A selection dilemma: is Eiður just too powerful?

The omens are unclear.

But we had a premonition…

And then, it was time. KICK OFF!

An early corner was repelled.

Iceland’s tackles were tough, but the Hungarians seemed to wilt easily.

Hungary attacked bravely, but the Icelandic defence was stout.

Gylfi started to find his shooting range…

We got a strong feeling that the time was coming…

And then out of nowhere, a penalty to Iceland!

Gylfi’s winged boot bashed the ball home mightily, and the whole of Iceland screamed:

Half time! 1-0!

The whistle blew and the game resumed.

Around the world, new Iceland supporters made offering to Óðinn.

Iceland defended mightily.

We sent on Alfred “the destroyer”.

He made an immediate impact on the opposition.

Hannes Halldórsson had another stunning game in goal.

The Hungarians continued to belly flop onto the turf.

We sent forth the man-god Eiður with thunderous footsteps and loud applause.

In the 89th minute, disaster—crackling with uncontrollable thunderous power, one of our defenders smited his own goal.

And so, a hard-fought game ended in a 2-0 draw.

Iceland remain undefeated in any international competition finals. On Thursday, we smite Austria. And now, as well as the Norse Gods of old, we have a new recruit—Professor X of the X-Men.


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