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Parking At Reynisfjara Will No Longer Be Free

Published April 11, 2016

Photos by
Art Bicnick

From June 1 onwards, parking at the notorious Reynisfjara beach will start costing you.

Vísir reports that parking meters should be set up at the lot by the beach by June 1. Currently, parking at Reynisfjara is free.

If implemented, parking fees will be in effect all year round. In addition, the meters themselves will be designed to withstand the weather conditions at the south Iceland coastal location.

Fees from the parking meters will go towards the care and upkeep of the beach. No definite figure has been set for how much parking will cost.

Reynisfjara has made headlines numerous times at The Grapevine, primarily for being a spot that, while very popular with tourists, can also be dangerous. Wading into the waters is a decidedly unsafe practice, as so-called “sneaker waves” can suddenly appear there and sweep people out to sea. At least two deaths have been reported at the location, and despite a warning sign being erected there, visitors still reportedly often take dangerous risks at the area.

If you visit Reynisfjara, The Grapevine would like to advise its readers to enjoy the beautiful scenery at this location, but avoid getting too close to the water at all costs.

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