From Iceland — New Government Impossible Without Pirates

New Government Impossible Without Pirates

Published March 11, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

If elections were held today, no two-party ruling coalition could be formed without including the Pirate Party.

A new poll from the media company 365 paints a picture of how parliament would look if elections were held today. According to the results, the ruling coalition of the Independence Party and the Progressives would lose their hold on their majority if Icelanders went to cast their ballots now.

The Independence Party is currently at 27.6%, or just a bit more than they got when elections were held in 2013. The Progressives, however, have gone from 24.4% to 12.8%. As such, the two parties would have 19 seats and 8 seats, respectively, if elections were held today, thereby losing their majority holding of parliament’s 63 seats.

The Pirates are once again the largest party in the country, as they have been for over a year now, coming in at 38.1%. If elections were held today, they would go from three seats in parliament to 26 seats. This means that no two-party ruling coalition would be possible without the inclusion of the Pirates.

Where other opposition parties are concerned, the Social Democrats and the Left-Greens would lose a few seats each. Both parties are currently polling at about 8%, giving them each five seats in parliament, whereas they currently have nine seats and seven seats respectively. Bright Future, who currently have six seats, would have exactly zero if elections were held today, as only 1.8% of respondents said they intend to vote for them.

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