From Iceland — MP Slammed For Remarks About Asylum Seekers

MP Slammed For Remarks About Asylum Seekers

Published March 2, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by Commons

An MP for the Independence Party has been harshly criticised by members of his own party for remarks he made about asylum seekers yesterday.

As reported, Independence Party MP Ásmundur Friðriksson floated the idea in parliament yesterday that Iceland should consider beginning to turn away asylum seekers at the airport. He added that he anticipated criticism, as “[y]ou get torn apart by ‘the good people’ and the media if you dare open your mouth and have an opinion.”

Vísir reports that criticism is exactly what Ásmundur received – including from members of his own party.

Áslaug Friðriksdóttir, a Reykjavík City Council member for the Independence Party, was amongst the voices of opposition to Ásmundur’s idea.

“Ásmundur continues to put forward strange and terrible suggestions,” she posted on Facebook. “I don’t consider myself especially one of ‘the good people’ but this suggestion still bothers me.”

Hildur Sverrisdóttir, also of the Reykjavík Independence Party, agreed.

“Word sister,” she said in reply to Áslaug’s remarks. “Maybe this is a good place to bring up that the government agreed to provide funding, energy, attention and respect to this subject. Ásmundur was maybe disturbed by a bee when this decision was made?”

The leader of the Independence Party’s youth movement, Davíð Þorláksson, put forward a suggestion of his own:

“I find it more pertinent to seriously examine whether we should close city limits and send Ásmundur home.”

Independence Party MP Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir opted to quote the party’s own platform in refuting Ásmundur’s suggestion:

“From the Independence Party platform: ‘We must have a compassionate point of view and maintain effectiveness in this area. Accepting refugees is a given.’ Just in case anyone isn’t clear on that.”


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