From Iceland — Baltasar Responds To Police Criticism Of "Trapped"

Baltasar Responds To Police Criticism Of “Trapped”

Published February 23, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Christian Schulze

Iceland’s police are less than happy with the hit TV series, but the show’s creator calls their criticism “extremely laughable”.

“Trapped”, which recently finished airing in Iceland and is currently airing on BBC, has been receiving rave reviews, albeit not from everyone. Guðmund Ásgeirsson, representing Iceland’s police academy in a radio interview with Reykjavík siðdegis, said that while the show was “good entertainment”, many of the depictions of police work were detached from reality.

Baltasar was having none of this. He responded that in actuality, many of the issues raised in Trapped have come up in the Icelandic news lately. A case of human trafficking in the series, for example, is very similar to one that has recently appeared in the news.

“There’s gender-based violence [in the series], silencing tactics and the arming of the police,” he said. “It delves into so many areas. This is why it’s extremely laughable to listen to the police talk about how some things appeared strange to them. I think that what the police have been doing lately has appeared strange to the people. I think we forget this. Not everything is as it’s suppose to be.”


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