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Low Ozone Levels = Wear Sunscreen And Sunglasses

Published February 13, 2016

Photos by
Marc Vincenz

Unusually low levels of ozone in the sky over Iceland have prompted the Met Office to advise sunscreen and sunglasses.

Vísir reports that the Icelandic Met Office has measured unusually low levels of ozone over Iceland. As the ozone layer helps protect us from solar radiation, and clear skies are forecast this weekend, they are advising people to put on sunscreen and wear sunglasses.

The weather forecast will likely come as a relief to many. After weeks of cloudy, windy weather with considerable precipitation, this weekend is predicted to be sunny, with mild winds and temperatures above freezing.

That said, characteristic Icelandic weather will be returning on Monday, as wind speeds gather, temperatures drop, and both rain and snow will start dumping on us throughout the work week.

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