From Iceland — Goose Rescued From Certain Icy Doom

Goose Rescued From Certain Icy Doom

Published January 31, 2016

Photo by
Óskasjóður Púkarófu's Facebook

Warm-hearted residents of Hafnarfjörður rescued a badly frozen goose from certain death, and it is now recovering at the zoo.

According to a post in the animal lover’s Facebook group Óskasjóður Púkarófu, the goose in question was found on Lækjargata, in Hafnarfjörður, in bad condition. The goose was reportedly badly frozen, and so cold it could hardly move. Its bill was also frozen shut, preventing it from being able to eat.

Alert residents solicited the help of others, commandeering a cat travel cage for transport. The bird was taken straight to a veterinarian, who concluded that the goose was young; probably born the previous spring.

As the goose had no other injuries, being given the opportunity to warm up and have something to eat helped the bird recover.

The goose, who was named Frostrós, is now at the Reykjavík Zoo to complete its recuperation.

Iceland has been experiencing an unusual cold snap lately. Please remember that not all animals can tolerate sub-zero temperatures for very long, especially dogs, cats and birds. Leaving food out for birds in the wintertime can be very helpful to them, and could mean the difference between life and death.

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