From Iceland — "Pick-Up Artist" Coming To Iceland

“Pick-Up Artist” Coming To Iceland

Published January 28, 2016

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Osvaldo Peña Garcia

A guy who visited Iceland once before is coming back to charge men 260,000 ISK for a class in how to bed “passive-aggressive bitches” who suffer from “penis envy”.

MBL reports that “pick-up artist” Osvaldo Peña Garcia will be coming to Iceland over the weekend of May 6 to 8. Part of his stay, aside from apparently trying to sleep with Icelandic women, will be offering a class for men on his techniques. This class will cost 260,000 ISK.

Osvaldo, also known as Ozzie, is a part of a company known as Real Social Dynamics. This is the same company which tried to bring another PUA, Julien Blanc, to Iceland in 2014. Blanc’s impending arrival sparked a petition to prevent him from coming, which about 11,000 Icelanders signed, but nothing came of his arrival either way.

Ozzie is fairly open about his misogyny, like many PUA’s. In a blog post he wrote accompanying a video he shot in Iceland in 2012, one of his many bon mots includes:

“Women can be passive-aggressive bitches. They can’t express their anger at society for making them into the weaker sex so they envy men and take their revenge on them. I think Freud called it penis envy.”

Given the reaction to Blanc’s impending arrival, news of Ozzie visiting Iceland will likely not be met with celebration by anyone not a man desperate enough to pay over a quarter million for the hope of getting laid through manipulation.

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