From Iceland — Man Arrested May Have Tried To Bribe Police

Man Arrested May Have Tried To Bribe Police

Published January 11, 2016

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A man arrested in connection with a drug cop under investigation is suspected of having attempted to bribe the officer.

The police officer in question, who stands accused of “an unnatural relationship between a police officer and criminals”, may have instigated the investigation of himself, and Vísir reports he is being accused of accepting payment in exchange for information.

The man arrested in connection with the case, who is said to have a history of drug-related offenses, is himself accused of having tried to bribe the officer. It is not known whether or not he denies the charges against him.

A recording of a conversation between the two, which prompted authorities to investigate both of them, was recorded by the officer in question.

The officer was also reportedly a participant in a drug bust gone wrong involving Mirjam van Twuyer, a Dutch woman who was sentenced last year to 11 years in prison for taking part in a drug smuggling operation. Mirjam confirmed for reporters that the officer was in the hotel room with her at the time of the raid.

The raid was botched on account of another police officer acting prematurely and arresting a courier on his way to bring a delivery of drugs to Mirjam. RÚV’s sources contend this mistake occurred because the arresting officer misheard or misunderstood an order given over police radio.

In the wake of this event, rumours about the cop in the room with Mirjam began to circulate amongst officers. Though the officer in question asked his supervisors to investigate him, this request was ignored. He then sought recourse at the Police Federation of Iceland (LL).

The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on the case later today.

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