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Watch A White-Tailed Eagle Dining On Fish – VIDEO

Published January 10, 2016

Photos by
Arturo de Frias Marques/Wikimedia Commons

An Icelandic couple in Patreksfjörður captured a rare sight on video: a white-tailed eagle chowing down on some fish.

RÚV reports that the couple, Rannveig Haraldsdóttir and Gústaf Gústafsson, were at the base of the fjord when they noticed the bird of prey standing at the shore. They reportedly approached with caution, so as not to scare it off, and watched as it went fishing in the water.

Before long, the eagle caught a flatfish, took it to shore, and proceeded to dine on it enthusiastically. The event was recorded on video, shot from the couple’s car.

Spotting eagles in Iceland is uncommon, and in the 30 years the couple have lived in Patreksfjörður they have only seen one twice. In fact, only 74 eagle pairs are known to live in Iceland. Which is not to say that there have never been unusual sightings of these birds before.

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