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Video Game Meltdown Brings Police To Gamer’s Home

Published January 6, 2016

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In a small Icelandic town, one man’s ragefit after his defeat at a video game brought the police to his door.

The West Iceland news site Skessuhorn reports that residents in the normally quiet Icelandic town of Borgarnes were met with a disturbance a few days ago. People in an apartment building reported hearing screams coming from one of their neighbour’s homes, and the screams were loud enough to be audible through several apartments.

Police were alerted to the disturbance, who arrived in force at the scene. When no one answered the door, police may have suspected the worse.

However, the resident therein – a man in his thirties – did not hear the door because he was taking a cold shower in an attempt to calm himself after having a ragefit, which had been induced by having been defeated while playing a video game.

Police did not disclose what video game the man had been playing. Readers are advised to scream into a pillow in the event of a crushing defeat, especially if you live in an apartment building in a small town.

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