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A Man Is Living Naked In A Box, For Art

Published December 2, 2015

Photo by
Almar Atlason's livestream

A first-year art student is spending this week living naked in a glass box, and the whole thing is streaming live.

The actual YouTube page for the event contains a live chatbox, where the comments are of the same quality YouTube comments are famous for. A lively discussion is also being had on Twitter, using the hashtag #nakinnikassa (“naked in a box”).

Vísir reports that his wife, Salka Valsdóttir of the rap group Reykjavíkurdætur, is not worried about him.

“They won’t let him starve,” she said, referring to the staff of the Iceland Academy of the Arts, where the event is taking place. “I think he’s in good hands there.”

Judging by the steadily-increasing contents of the box, Almar is certainly not starving.

This event should not be confused with a similar event performed by magician David Blaine, who spent 44 days in a glass box in London in 2003.

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