From Iceland — Stay Home! Read A Book! SNOWMAGEDDON Is Here!

Stay Home! Read A Book! SNOWMAGEDDON Is Here!

Published December 1, 2015

Haukur S. Magnússon
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Question: are you reading this at whatever place you intend to spend most of today? If not, here are some bad news: It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere for the next few hours. See, there’s this storm raging outside, and it’s been getting stormier by the minute since around 8am, which was incidentally when Reykjavík Metro Police advised folks in the greater Reykjavík area to be done with any major commuting

Those who feel they absolutely must brave the weather should make sure their tires have those crazy spike things, and they should also bring a shovel and some rope (and maybe some chains for the tires?) and, you know, it’s best to just refrain from travelling. What could be so important, anyway?    

The Icelandic Meteorological Office issued a severe weather warning for all of Iceland yesterday, noting that the storm would first make an appearance in SW Iceland before spreading across the island. In the Reykjavík area, the storm is expected to peak around noon, slowly abating as the day progresses.    

All domestic flights have been cancelled at the moment, with aviation authorities reassessing the situation at 11am. 

Hey, have you watched all of Rick and Morty yet? If not, you should maybe do that today. Or find a nice book to read. Call your grandma. Make cucumber sandwiches. Build a fort. Learn to knit. If you’re one of those people who likes looking at various .jpgs and .movs of snow and snowy things, you could hang out on our Instagram feed and on our Snapchat (our username there is: rvkgrapevine). Even if we forget to post snow photos to the Instagram, our boy John was just in Greenland and he snapped plenty of photographs of snow there.   

If you’re inside, that storm looks kinda nice, all warm and fuzzy. Look:

Dec 1 Snowmageddon by HSM

Don’t be fooled. It’s cold and nasty and you’ll get stuck.


One hour after the above photos were shot (that was at 8:30am), the storm had gotten way stormier. So we shot more photos from the same angles. It’s like a fun thing where you can compare two .jpgs to discern which one has more snow in it.

Dec 1 Snowmageddon ONE HOUR LATER by HSM

One hour later. The sky’s supposed to be bright at this point. But, it isn’t. And look, there’s even MORE SNOW.

Dec 1 Snowmageddon ONE HOUR LATER by HSM

Look! It’s more snow!

Also, for fun, here’s American Football’s wonderful tune, Stay Home:
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