From Iceland — Icelandic Condom App Will Haunt Your Dreams

Icelandic Condom App Will Haunt Your Dreams

Published November 20, 2015

Nanna Árnadóttir
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Currently the most popular app in Iceland is a sexual health awareness app promoting the use of condoms to prevent the spread of STD’s, reports MBL.

It will, incidentally, also haunt your dreams. The game features well known Icelandic celebrities reimagined in the form of flesh coloured sperm cyclopses wearing outfits and wigs.

The app – created by the Directorate of Health, Durex and the pharmacy Lyfja – is free and can either be used to play the game or to send sexual health questions to experts.

The app’s game seems to revolve around artificial insemination and is filled with insightful trivia about sexual health in Iceland.

For example, in the video below the ‘Páll Óskar’ sperm cyclops says: “It takes two, to have successful coitus. That’s why you are also responsible for how the sex goes down. Use a condom.”

In this next snippet, featuring an ‘Elsa Lund’ cyclops sperm wearing a fascinator and a tutu, the sperm says: “Sexual health check ups and treatment are often free, did you know that, huh?”

In this final clip, the ‘Helga Bragadóttir’ cyclops sperm wearing a feather boa (can’t fault her style game) says: “Did you know that women are more vigilant about going to sexual health screenings?”

Well, we certainly know that now, because the image is forever etched into the inside of our eyelids.

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