From Iceland — Pink Street Boys' Airwaves Highlights Of The Day

Pink Street Boys’ Airwaves Highlights Of The Day

Published November 7, 2015

Photo by
Rúnar Sigurjónsson

– Wake up you slob! …it’s Saturday!

15:30 – GKR at Íslenski Barinn (off venue)
A lot of people are talking about this dude. He has been on the rise in Reykjavik’s hip-hop scene. Will surely be fun to see what the fuzz is about as we cure our hangover.

16:00 – ghostigital at Smekkleysa (off-venue)
These guys have been doing crazy experimental shit since forever and at least it’s not getting worse. Without a doubt the best act at ATP 2015 (beside us).

17:30 – Pink Street at Boys at Bar 11 (off-venue)
Last chance to catch us if you haven’t checked us out yet.
– Romantic dinner.

19:00 – dj. flugvél og geimskip at Mengi (off venue)
This chick’s spaced-out performance has some real sincerity and won’t leave you any other way than amazed. It’s always going to be an out of the ordinary and a fun show. You should also check out her punk band Skelkur í bringu.
– Loitering at the parking lot, blasting from a car and drinking stashed beer.

22:30 – The OBGMs at Gaukurinn
Most thrilled for this gig! Don’t know much about them, but it will definitely be worth it to see those Canadian kidz rock!\
If waiting in line sucks, just stay at Húrra and Gaukurinn for the rest of the night. The most exciting things we’ve seen at this festival over the last couple of years have been at the bars, where you get to hear cool stuff you didn’t expect—that’s why people go to Airwaves.

01:30 – Kött grá pje at Húrra
Been waiting to get the glimpse of this funny looking cat. His lyrics are in Icelandic but it’s alright if foreigners can’t understand them ‘cause he got real good rhythm. The atmosphere will be nice #kush #weggies
– Amnesia and other stuff.

03:30 – Kane West at Húrra
Last gig that night. Reminiscent of the great Mr. Oizo. Everyone will be smashed at that time, so what would be better then a weird UK DJ.?
– Orgy.

As was mentioned before, you can catch Pink Street Boys one last time at Airwaves.

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